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A bustling student city, a place where entertainment, history and culture mingle together to create a destination filled with wonderful discoveries. Take a walk around to Aghiou Nikolaou (Ayiou Nikoláou) street , the most famous pedestrian street with fashion boutiques, souvenir shops, coffee shops and bars.
In the summer, the nightlife goes on! Two of its favourite spots are Rio and Vrahnéika. Proud for its huge bridge and at just 9km for the city, Rio is an attractive place for a night out. Fresh cocktails between neoclassical mansions and the sea, opt for Vrahnéika, at only 12km from Patra.
Kefalonia island
The magnificent sights, amazing beaches, rich cultural heritage, great monuments, mountains, castles, remote monasteries and cheerful, hospitable people are the treasures making Kefalonia one of the most attractive destinations. It is the biggest island of the Ionian Sea, at the outlet of Patraikos Bay, between Zante and Lefkada.
The island has a splendid natural beauty and a diversified geological structure with innumerable small bays and rich vegetation; the mountain Aenos (National Park since 1962 supporting rich flora and fauna) looks impressive from far away.
The movie ‘’Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’’ shot in the natural scenery of the island refers to a history of the Resistance movement.
Mega Yachts Service
The Olympia Riviera Resort luxury hotel near Ancient Olympia can arrange private yacht cruises to nearby islands (Zante, Kefalonia). Experience the magic of Kyllini's sunset with a champagne cruise overlooking Zante island. Or celebrate a special event with a moonlit, evening cruise.
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Ancient Olympia
During classical times Olympia was the city where the Olympic Games took place, the greatest athletic event of the then-Greek world.
Yachting in the Zakynthos island shoud not be missed!

Summer concerts in the Castel Tornese
(10' drive from the hotel)

A private wine testing in renowned Greek vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Europe.
Ask the concierge to make the necessary arrangements.




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